"...a union of body, mind and spirit a...spiritual system of living an immediate sense of calm greater clarity and focus of mind..."
Welcome to the promise of yoga; to know your own Self, and to live in an enlivened body and with a quiet mind. Yoga means union, the yoking, of body, mind and spirit. The true purpose of yoga is to not only to heal your body's pain, but to reveal to you your deepest essence: connecting to the Self. It is a spiritual system of living, that restores harmony, balance, and perspective. The stress and hurry of modern living distracts us from this inner knowing, while our bodies get tighter and tighter. Svaroopa® Yoga is one of the primary styles of Hatha Yoga in America. It specializes in releasing pain easily with the spinal decompression called Core Opening. Your back pain and neck and shoulder tension will dissolve in the first class by releasing the deeper muscles closest to your spine. You will feel more alive, more peaceful and more yourself: we call this "Svaroopa", the bliss of your own being.

Melissa Yogeshwari Fountain