Svaroopa® Yoga is a unique and transformational style of Hatha Yoga, renowned for resolving chronic back pain, and for the cultivation of a quiet mind and peaceful spirit.

By meeting your body exactly where it’s at, with supportive props and alignments, long held spinal tension in the core of your body releases, and a new found freedom of movement and living arises.

Svaroopa® Yoga focuses on each student’s individual needs. My classes are "hands on" which will help you learn to live in a pain free body and to know how to take care of yourself at the deepest levels.

Because most of the imbalance and unevenness in your spine that causes back pain comes from tensions deep in the hip joints and pelvic floor, we begin by relaxing the muscles at the tailbone, the pivot point of the body. These Core Opening poses form the foundation from which all other Svaroopa® Yoga; poses arise. Gradually, as the body lets go and relaxes it’s tension, the mind quiets as well. Then long-term holding patterns in the body/mind dissolve, thus establishing you in more health, peace and vitality.

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Other Yoga Benefits

an immediate sense of calm and inner tranquility
the bliss of your own being
greater focus and clarity of mind
an expanded capacity for living life in the present moment