Weekend Workshops

"...Make your weekend a Yoga Weekend. Expand your understanding and experience"

This will mark my 8th year of offering Svaroopa® Yoga weekend immersion programs, and it is something I truly love to do. I have travelled to studios all over the country, teaching students, both new to Svaroopa® and those established in the practices. I’ve gotten to know our broader yoga community in ways that have refreshed my love of yoga, and deepened my commitment to serving Master Yoga, and my guru, Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati.

In 2012, I completed a training for Weekend Workshop Leaders that enables me to offer a new and exciting format. Each weekend will include poses, discourse, partner sharing and chanting and meditation. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, you will be surprised and pleased by how much you receive in a weekend. You go deeper than you can go on your own, and deeper than your teacher can take you in a regular weekly class.

I invite you to dive in and give yourself the gift of a yoga weekend! Below is an abbreviated list of programs designed by Lissa for 2015-16. If you are interested in registering for a weekend with Lissa, or would like to plan to host her in your local studio, you can find more details about my schedule and course descriptions by going to Master Yoga's Weekend Workshop Page.

Be Your Bliss
Discover that Bliss is your true nature! This weekend will explore the power of Ujjayi Pranayama, Svaroopa® Yoga’s primary breathing practice, as well as diving into the well supported and precise alignments of the deeper Svaroopa® Yoga Bliss Poses.

Your Heart’s Fullest Capacity
Release your fears and open your heart to your own Self. Lissa will guide you through a weekend of Svaroopa® Yoga heart opening poses that target the tightly held areas of your spine, beginning at your tailbone.

More Alive, More Joyous, More YOU
Explore your body and your mind’s true potential for expansive joy and centered living. Lissa leads you through a weekend of gentle yet effective backbend poses, designed to release the crunch in your low back by unfurling and lengthening your tailbone.

The Value of A Quiet Mind
Explore the value of a quiet mind, by learning to live in your body and not in your head. Release the boulders in your shoulders and unravel your chronic neck pain, by recognizing the root cause: you can think yourself into exhaustion and pain faster than anything you can do to your body.

The Yoga of Yes
Live the life of a yogi, one who always says Yes! Accept whatever is happening in the moment with an equanimity of mind and an open spine. This Svaroopa® Yoga weekend focuses on deep core openings, beginning at the tailbone, as well as mastering a fun and freeing Vinyasa series: linking poses with your breath in an easy flow.

The Inner Sound of Healing: Yoga and Your Breath
Discover the healing power of your breath by spending a weekend exploring Svaroopa® yoga’s primary breathing practice, Ujjayi Pranayama. This “sounding breath” is a source of your own healing and is already full and complete within you, yet you are only tapping into a small portion of it. Allow Lissa Yogeshwari Fountain to guide you through this transformative process of learning how your breath really works, while accessing it’s fullest capacity. To help with this, Svaroopa® yoga’s core opening poses will release your spinal tensions, freeing your life force, your prana, to flow unimpeded through your spine. Along with chanting, meditation and partner yoga, this weekend will uplift your whole sense of self, energizing and enlivening your body and connecting to your own inner source.

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