Private Sessions

"Private sessions makes for a more Steady Progress on your yoga path"
Private sessions are a way of deepening your personal experience of yoga, taking you beyond the known to a profound healing.
Yoga classes are often not enough, especially if you are dealing with long term chronic pain. Sometimes it may be that you are just feeling “stuck”. Receiving one private session is equivalent to the release you get from attending 6-10 yoga classes. It makes for a more steady progress on your yoga path!

Embodyment is a hands-on therapy that facilitates deep relaxation and a release of chronic tension. While you rest in Shavasana (yoga’s relaxation pose), your muscles effortlessly let go of tightness, beginning at the tailbone and carrying all the way up through your neck and shoulders. My touch and awareness allow you to enter a deeply restorative state that awakens your own healing power. Embodyment makes it possible for you to be more fully alive in your body..

Svaroopa® Yoga Therapy
A private yoga therapy session is designed to meet your specific needs. You are supported comfortably in Svaroopa® Yoga poses to promote healing and transformation, with minimal effort on your part. This support, with adjustments and selective Embodyment®, allows you to relax into an even deeper release than you would experience in a yoga class, and to carry those changes with you into your everyday life..

Vichara Therapy
This is Self-directed inquiry process that is facilitated by a trained Vichara therapist. This in-person or telephone session helps you find your own inner answers to your personal questions. Much of your body’s pain is due to strong mental patterns that keep your body tight. The dialoging that we do is simple and direct, and it will untangle those mental patterns by shining the light of your own Awareness on your thoughts and beliefs. A Vichara sessions makes you feel lighter, free, and happy, no longer bogged down by the weight of your own mind. And your body will feel better too!.

Develop Your Own Home Practice
I offer one on one coaching to help you find the most effective home yoga practice for your body, your lifestyle, your personal needs. In the sessions, we will practice the poses, answer your questions, and support you in your motivation to do more yoga and feel better than ever..